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Our Last Gig: Packed like Sardines

As we skirt across the webbed span of the Gerald Desmond bridge, an industrial glow emanates from below. Terminal Island pulses with the churn of commerce, harsh sodium lighting showcasing an evershifting city of shipping containers. I gaze down at those boxes stacked eight or nine tall for endless blocks.They sit in purgatory, a moment … Continue reading Our Last Gig: Packed like Sardines

A Day in the Park

I’d been up in these hills before, so I knew what to expect. Up Santiago Canyon, past my beloved Saddleback Park, the crown jewel of So Ca motocross now shuttered and relegated to landfill.Irvine Lake shimmers to the left, and as we enter Oak Canyon I start to track the dwindling cell coverage on my … Continue reading A Day in the Park

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