Evolution of an album cover

So our good pals at TKO decided the time is right to release all of the old demos on vinyl. The demand for this type of product escapes me personally, but I guess there are some record geeks out there that will not rest until they have the original ska version of I Got A Gun from the 1980 sessions.

What we need is an album cover that conveys the innocence and energy of the time. I liked this shot, but we thought better of using it. Seems as though half of the guys in the photo are Huntington Beach cops now, so we don’t really want to go there…..

Feelin alright with the crew....
Feelin alright with the crew....

Here’s a nice photo. We used to practice at the old Vent-a-Hood warehouse on Valley View, and you can see the boxes of model # Sm-891 R SS behind us in the photo. Oh man, if I only had one of those babies now, I’d be complete! Anyway, this is no good either, as it shows Larry Kelley and Mike Burton, the original rhythm section. They might get the wrong idea and do something silly like expect payment!!

Hard to look tough when yer wearing the Renaissance Faire shirt!
Hard to look tough when yer wearing the Renaissance Faire shirt!

Now, this is great. This photo was actually taken at the old Strabaj studio in Norwalk, an actual photo from our first ever recording session. Can you feel the giddy excitement? Oh, you kids sit in your bedrooms now with your Apple G4’s and whip out take after take of your whiny little emo tunes, but back then the recording studio was a fuckin cathedral!!! The tape is rolling boys, money is burning, get to work!!!! We were quite pleased with this pic until someone noticed how completely ghey we look here. Heh. That’s not very punk rock, now is it?

Can you tell we're naked from the waist down in this one?
Can you tell we're naked from the waist down in this one?

OK, enough. We’ll be sitting here all week looking for the right pic, so let’s just close our eyes and pick one out of the ol box o memories that Kimm brought down from the attic. Goddamn good thing Kimm had the presence of mind to hold on to all this old stuff. Me, I only have one flyer from Ichabods and one cassette from the Enigma days. And it’s Tex and the Horseheads.

But hey—-not bad, eh? What we got here is a nice punky shot from the Eastern Front festival in the Bay area, I wanna say 1982? It’s good and snotty, we look young and thin enough, nobody is going to sue anybody over this one. (Unless the drummer Jack gets froggy–but that’s what photo shop is for!) The CH3 demo album to be released by

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