The CH3 Year in Review: 2009

Well, that damn Christmas tree is finally out of the house and sits yellowing on the curb, a dehydrated monument to the excess of holidays just past.

The eggnog curdles in the fridge, and if I never again hear Wham!’s Last Christmas played over the CVS Pharmacy PA system, I will count myself a lucky man.

Please. Kill. Me.

And for this, the 50th entry of the Channel 3 Blog, join us as we recap the year that was: 2009 through the bleary eyeballs of yer ol pals in CH3!

The year began as it often does, a trip to Vegas for BYO’s annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament. We finished a dismal 162 out of 163 in our bracket, though we claim shenanigans as Alf was absent most of his turns. Seems he was trying to ride the animatronic bear in the Laser Bar woods, the scamp!

Just a little pep talk after anthony's second gutter ball....

Late January found us up in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with our pals in DOA, a couple shows in Seattle and Portland.
The rains were merciful, the Pho sublime, and we learned that PDX International is not a half bad place to watch a Superbowl game.

Kimm has a case of the Seattle Surprise! El Corazon Jan 30

Half time with Springsteen? meh. Bring back the kids from Up with People, that’s what we say!!

Now these fuckers know how to rock the crowd!

February, cruel bitch of a month that it is, does not disappoint with its gray montony. Things are broken up by the first Alex’s gig of the year and the NOFX party…..

Feb 4 NOFX party @ Fonda Theatre, Hollywood
Wrappin up February at Alex's...

The late winter lull was strangely quiet. Hmmm… don’t have much to report on the band front, but perhaps you might enjoy this video of a cat coughing up a hairball: Enjoy!

We welcomed the Vernal Equinox in proper fashion, a trip out to Rosemead!
This post, Spikes in Rosemead was the first in our popular Our Last Gig series, and made an International Media Star of our man Paulie.

...this is what he does in front of the mirror at home. All day long.

A couple warmups for the Summer, and then onto June with a couple shows with the Circle Jerks, at the San Diego and Anaheim House of Blues….Houses of Blue? Blue Horses? —eh, you know…those big corporate clubs where a Vodka Soda costs 12 bucks!

The sounds, the energy...the smell.  Ya had to be there....
Things warm up in the pit....Summer's comin!

The year half over now, and got the devastating news. Old chum Fat Paul passed on. The man will be missed!

July wanes and we are off to Europe.

After a quick Transatlantic flight, and a brief bout of jetlag induced delirium, we are rolling across the Continent.
If you’d care, you can always peruse the 2009 European Diary for the full story.

But trust me, the trip can be summarized nicely by the following images:



Yet more sausage...
Yet more sausage...

Sausage with curry sauce....because we're fuckin nutty that way!!!
Sausage with curry sauce....because we're fuckin nutty that way!!!

We finally lured Ant and Alf back to the States in time for the last shows of the Warped Tour . We set out on this journey with every intention of losing those pesky extra 6 kilos of wurst weight we picked up in Europe, but it was not meant to be!

Gotta go on a diet after this!
Christ! Gotta go on a diet after this!

What a wonderful way to wrap up the Summer with friends and pretend the bitter realities of the darkening sky weren’t just over the horizon!

This is either before the set, or Anthony has just given up!

Alf's view of the wonder he's a little off, hmmm?

One fine Fall day, I think it was late October, the four of us were lying in an open meadow, the patient Earth cooling beneath our backs. Idly chatting, we each picked a cloud and interpreted its shape.

A Pony.
Amputee riding a hermaphroditic elephant.
An Advair inhaler.

By God, I love being in a band!

...and that one looks like the funny smelling Uncle that used to sleep over in Mom's room!

Where were we?
Summer’s over, and the year speeds up toward its own demise. A quick jaunt out to Vegas:

vegas 001
What a world, when yer 3rd billed under Bingo!

And then onto the Holiday season and wrapping things up in proper fashion: Back to Alex’s Bar!

Hijinks, I tells ya...Hijinks!!

The celebrations over now, we all seem relieved that 2009 is over. With every hope that the future holds fluffier towels and colder beer, it’s onto 2010~~!

You know it's gotta be true if it's written on baked goods!

One thought on “The CH3 Year in Review: 2009

  1. Hey, Kim if you like those polyester pants with red stripes please let me know I can hook you up on some more!! I just need the size, see you all next time your in Austin!! Michelle Palmer the wife says hello too!


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