To England!

Said farewell to New Haven and headed back to NYC, regretfully to drop off Beenie as he does not have the proper papers to make it across the pond with us this time around.
Who knew having a brief past in porn would keep you within borders?!

Porn name: Cummin O'Brien

Into the city for a last burger with Dermott at the Paris House:

Then a fond farewell to Bean Boy and family, before we all head out to our prospective airports.

Kimm and I prefer JFK with their new dining options, heading into the night sky on American and Virgin Atlantic respectively,

But the fellas will have nothing but Continental and good ol Newark as their stepping off point….don’t ask me why!

...and this is fuckin' business class!

We make plans to meet up at the Heathrow Express Terminal in the morning, and also solemn pinky promises not to rat out on each other if someone gets caught without those pesky work permits!

It’s a quick flight over, as we are used to those 11 hour marathons from LAX.

Turns out it’s only, what? like six fuckin hours from New York?? How’s that work?
Barely enough time to sip a smart martini at the Virgin Upper Class Lounge and read the Journal and yer already there!

Turns out the brief flight works against us, as we each meet at Paddington Station and discover no one got any sleep on the flight over either!

Ah well, we’ve been here before. Cat Naps in the station and in the pub and in the train and in the club, and we’re fresh as daisies again!

Travel over complete, all members accounted for, finger and toes intact, and ready to continue a long day into night with a show in Bath…..

One thought on “To England!

  1. No fair telling everyone about Brendan’s porn career. As the female star, my attorney spent a lot of money to have the tapes destroyed. Let’s just keep this between you and us.


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