New Haven CT

We wake up with the closing strains of Purple Rain still ringing in the ears, ironic and fitting as we each also have purple stained tongues from too many pomegranate Dirty Wheels—–specialty cocktail of the Palais Royale in Albany!

We load back into the van wordlessly, avoiding each others eyes, each of us thinking to ourselves that perhaps we’ve gone too far……..

We each say a silent prayer, promising God above no more fruity drinks at 3am and no dancing in front of strangers!!!

Alf and Anthony argue over who gets to lead this time!

Heh—-hittin the road for New Haven today, and pleasantly surprised to find out the new tour bus has GPS with Zagat guide installed!

....listen, we just wanna know if this is a good place to drop a deuce,ya got me?

We scroll through the dozens of fry houses on the Hudson, searching for an acceptable lunch stop, when—whoa—off to the right!

It’s the fuckin Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield Mass— Pull this buggy over!

Beenie demolishes any Cleveland credibility he had!

After touring the facility and being disappointed that they didn’t have Wilt Chamberlain’s embalmed cock on display, we head next door for a little lunch……

Miss....we said five of those, please!
Waitress watches a CH3 video on YouTube. We were promptly asked to leave.

New Haven Hotel, home to that most glorious of all things, the laundry room!!!

We're punkers--we don't separate whites and colors!

Also, 42 inch plasma screens, just the ticket as it’s Shark Week…

Or, over in the rhythm section room, the boys are catching up with Carrie and the gals…!

....someone's looking fabulous!

Strolled the town streets in the evening, taking in this great town:

Oh for Chrissakes! Enough with the Bear Bar gags!

Just around the block and we’re at Cafe 9, which immediately becomes our new favorite club in the world!

Caught ol pals 76% Uncertain rockin it up, just great!

And then once again your old chums take to the stage, knees creaking and stray hairs gleaming gray underneath the cruel stage lights….

A great night, lots of time after to catch up with old chums.

We load out and head back to the hotel, as Connecticut has a mercifully early closing time…..No leg splits and prancing out of the club at 4am for us on this night!

We’ve finished up the first leg of the trip in the states, onto the UK next, and fall asleep under puffy quilted comforters:
Bathed in the blue light of sharks swimming the flat screen, dreaming of England and adventures to come.

One thought on “New Haven CT

  1. Holy CRAP! The Cafe 9 show was just SICK! We had a blast and you guys sounded great! And my inner 19 year old thanks you for all the tunes from “Last Time…” Highly enjoyable. Well don’t be strangers and come around real soon. You always have pals in CT!

    Here is a shiite quality vid from CT…(but I love it ;0)


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