Onward, Albany!

Morning brings another beautiful day in Boston…..

...and what a world!

Get the van loaded and make sure all phones are charged, because in this day a band can’t survive more than 15 goddamn minutes without Facebook or Twitter!
Oh, how we long for the days of stolen phone card pin codes and Yugoslavian manufactured 2 stroke caravans!

Have to leave this town, but not before a lunch stop at McGreevys–pub and baseball museum….

Now that's the way to start a Monday, am I right?

....and yet they don't tell ya how to get to the Big A!

Poutine in a pool of brown gravy, calamari rings with chorizo and ortega chiles

We reluctantly say goodbye and head toward the turnpike again, but-what? we spot a bar across the way with the audacious name–Bukowski’s!

We storm in, ready to defend Chuck’s honor and destroy the joint if we spot a single appletini or red bull mixer on the chalkboard!

..Chinaski wants you to leave him alone!

Turns out to be a proper dive after all though, so we once again make our final toast to the city and its gracious hosts.

*note to editor: No Caption Necessary

End up in Albany a few hours later, and make a beeline out to Voorheesville and the sprawling McGuire compound out in the country!

Barb and the fellas enjoy a fine Summer evening

Big sis Barbara Ann and her dashing hubby Larry offer us for a welcome break from the hectic city pace of the last few days.

We immediately each walk in different directions, an acre out into the silent woods, and luxuriate in the absence of people with strange accents!

Back into Albany and meet up with pals for pregame tuneup!

Caught local band
Bulldog Courage rippin through their set:

And that is how we ended up on stage once again after 27 years, in a little town called Albany, a joint we love!

East and West: a meeting of knuckleheads!

This was a Monday night that put New Year’s Eve to shame!

Blendin in wit the locals.....

Out with the crew on a balmy night, we wrap up another day far away, yet surrounded by people that make us feel right at home!

Alf takes to the dance floor, Purple Rain on the jukebox: Time to leave!

One thought on “Onward, Albany!

  1. You didn’t go to McGreevy’s twice in one visit did you? I’ll forgive you this one time but I’ll arrange a much more varied itinerary if you make it back. Have fun in the UK.


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