For Boston….

Out on the turnpike at 10 am, no time to bitch about lack of sleep or molding clothes, it’s the matinée day!

If you know anything about yer ol pals here at CH3, if there’s anything we love more than a fine cigar or an elegantly tailored waistcoat, it’s the rest areas of Connecticut!

After we exhaust our dozen blowjob and glory hole gags, we get back on the road and head into Boston proper….

...I don't know what these lads were doing out in the woods with the group of older gents, but they came back 50 bucks richer!

The Middle East club on Massachusetts Avenue, home to a glorious lamb shank that rests on its final dignified nest of turmeric beans and couscous……

After we strip meat off femurs we wander into the upstairs lounge, sucking the marrow out of the bones that we will later sharpen into arrowheads that shall in turn kill the next animal to be braised!

Now yer talkin good old fashioned Sunday Punk Matinee action!!
Nothing But Enemies kicked things off with in yer face action,

and then Boston legends the F.U.’s took the stage and demolished the place!

..this is Boston, and when they say all ages, they mean all ages!

The veteran Boston crowd graciously put up with our shenanigans:

...feelin alright with the crew!

We then took to the storied streets on a fine Summer evening, literally skipping across the cobblestones like giddy Catholic schoolgirls fresh out of Confession, souls light as feathers and ready to be blackened by the sins to come!'s all kissy face now, but later on?......Pow!

Cub, Bear and Otter!

Ah, Boston—ya spoil us!

We sip our cognacs as a blissful moon floats over the Charles River, breathing in the last precious molecules of a Summer Sunday: We toast the town we gotta leave all too soon……

...Thank you--Thank you very much!

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