Long Branch NJ

Up on a beautiful morning in Brooklyn. Temps had been hovering in the high 90’s, humidity at Peri dish levels.

But it’s Saturday morning and 78 out, sweet Summer breezes float over the East River carrying the fragrance of fresh cut grass and freshly bathed puppies.
Let’s roll!

Cannes? A cafe on the Seine? nah---Brooklyn baby!

Over the bridge once more, and meet up with family for lunch at the Cowgirl Seahorse, a few touristy hijinks at the pier, then onto the city.

Beenie lines up a putt under the bridge.....

One last stop before leaving the city–yeah, you got it—We return to McSorley’s to settle the score with the irate waiters!

Um....you can't stand there!

Alright already, a little friendly abuse and a parking ticket later, and we are done with this place!

Running early for a change, so we do the obvious and end up strolling the boardwalk, Jersey Shore…..

Yeh, at least one of em dressed proper for the Shore!

Brighton Bar in Long Branch, a truly rockin joint with the sweat of a thousand Saturday nights marinating its walls.

Wall o fame, Brighton Bar

And then?

And then our long anticipated Reunion with our dear old pals in Kraut!

Davey Gunner

Doug Holland

We do our little act, and then the mighty Kraut hit the stage!

The fellas have never sounded better, and we celebrate afterward with the traditional basket of cream corn fritters!

Fritter anyone? Hello?

Aw, you guys are still fuckin nuts!

It’s a matinee tomorrow in Boston, so we reluctantly say goodbye to the boys and hit the road.

Motel hallway, Stamford CT 4:30am

Flophouse livin

A long ass day finally surrenders to the next.
A fitful sleep, then onto Boston!

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