Bellhouse Brooklyn

Another long lunch at the Paris Cafe, it’s back to Brooklyn and prepare (nap) for showtime.

Got to Bellhouse in time to catch Jack Rabid manning the skins for Springhouse….

…and check in with Swirsky to get the drink tickets and harass him regarding the backstage menu!

Swirsky and Alfsky!

Good to catch up with the Avengers again!

The cool blonde kids.....

And the best part of the night, we got to play out of Mick Ronson’s Marshall from his Bowie years!!

Greg Avenger floats over the sacred box!

Tools of the trade, backstage Friday night.

intro by rabid....

Here’s a first for you—They set up a volunteer fund to donate towards travel costs for the traveling bands on this night. We are not used to such generosity and kindness!

What next? Punk rockers cleaning seagulls in the Gulf?!

Jack Rabid opens up the checkbook at the end of the evening. John Stabb gets paid, and he didn't even play!!

Just a great night, and after the set we got to catch up with a million friends old and new.

After the show, a leisurely stroll back to the Holiday Inn, and what? Maybe a lil snack is in order?

What, only 1100 calories? We'll take 3 each!

Don’t let them tell ya fine dining is dead kiddo!

Kimm walks the loneliest of all walks--up to the drive thru!

Night one under the belt, onto NJ to catch up with Kraut next!

One thought on “Bellhouse Brooklyn

  1. Yum, these images and snippets are awesome for a Sunday morning 6am read! So psyched for TUes in CT. My hubbys band is opening(76%Uncertain)…New haven isnt gonna know what hit ’em!


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