CH3 Summer 2010 Preview

Lil road trip eh?
Sounds good to me.

The Summer doldrums have begun to set in: Angels and Dodgers are both sucking, the kids are sleeping in til 1pm after staying up on Facebook til 3, and there’s enough goddamn sunlight left when ya get home from work that you feel guilty for not cleaning out the garage.
Meh—let’s get the fuck outta here!

First touchdown in New York to play the gala Big Takeover anniversary show for ol chum Jack Rabid.

Well, we’ve been watching Bourdain and Man vs Food with a notepad open and pen poised for these last few months, jotting down any joints that look appealing….

Oh, screw you tubby! Anthony calls that a lil snack whilst readin the menu!

Oh right. We gotta play some gigs too, eh?

What better way than a little warmup at the local Puka Bar…….

A casual warmup with friends......
...turns into a night of mayhem, nudity and blue humor!!

Question: Can we never again play a local show without the dicknose clown stealing away our spotlight?

oooh--his eyes are so dreamy!

Alright then.
NYC to the Jersey Shore to meet up with our ol pals in Kraut @ Brighton Bar…

We get drunk, we fight, we hook up...what's the big whoop?

….haul ass up to Boston for a matinee:

And back to the wilds of Albany for Monday Punk night @ Valentine’s!

Tuesday night in New Haven for a gig @ Café 9, and then a Yanks daygame vs Toronto on Wed before hoppin over to UK….

Uh you only needed those 'roids to screw Madonna?

Land @ Heathrow and get over to Bath with ol pals Valdez…

..and then the sparkling Rebellion Fest in dear old Blackpool!

End it up with a proper pub gig @ Camden’s Dublin castle , and then make our way back to where they all know your name….

Home at last!

Check back soon for exclusive road updates from yer ol pals @ CH3!

2 thoughts on “CH3 Summer 2010 Preview

  1. Hey fellas i see yer playin with Nothing but Enemies in Boston…. They are great guys! go to The Hilltop Steakhouse while yer there. Best fucking steaks ever….


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