The CH3 Eye on TV: Mad Men

Sheesh, and I thought AMC was only good for watching Outlaw Josey Wales for the goddamn 112th time whilst hungover and eatin Fritos……… but no.

Apparently, they’ve gotten a little frisky with the original programming at the basic cable movie channel.
First we had Breaking Bad, finally-finally!–a sympathetic look at Meth Labs and cookers!
This is a big hit out in the 909, apparently—

High five Bro! After the UFC we'll head over to Angels' Roadhouse and pick up some strippers!

But the crown jewel of the fledgling network, as evidenced by the trio of Best Drama Emmys and hipster cred, is
Mad Men!
Have ya seen this?

Oh, it’s set in the 1960’s Madison Avenue scene, and takes us into the workday and lifestyle of them ring a ding times.
But don’t go writing this show off as another boring day at Darrin Stevens’ office, brother!
Nah, now we finally get to see what happened at the ol agency behind closed doors!

Don't argue with me, you fuckin dinosaur! Let's finish the bottle and go bone the new secretary!

Drinkin, smokin, skirt chasing—–Goddamn, what a life they had!!!
Now we know what Ward Cleaver was doing all day, and why he was so goofy when he got home each evening!

Gee Pop...maybe you'd better take a bath before Mom gets home....your cock is smellin up the whole house!

This show makes us want to build a time machine.
A world where the drinkin starts at 10 am and the women are supposed to shaddap and keep the glasses filled?
Count us in!

See, in this sitcom, we follow the boozy path of Don Draper…..ooh, dreamy!

You're more like me!

But things aren’t all sugar cubes in Don’s world—see, he’s deep, man! He likes to frown a lot, even while he’s loaded off his ass and screwing his latest victim from the typing pool.

Christ, lighten up already!
I mean, what’s he gotta be pissed off all the time?

......and this is the goofiest photo in his Facebook album!

Thank god he ditched his kooky wife Betty, played by January Jones, last season—- that bitch is a bundle of nerves just waiting for the boys at Pfizer to come up with Xanax…..
And he’s thankfully got a few years before his mess of a daughter starts dropping acid and fucking Black Panthers, so why not live it up a little goddamnit?

What say we stay overnight in the city, Donny? Looks like a barrel of laughs back home!

Besides the precious looks at postwar advertising, we have the usual intertwined storylines goin on here: Don wants his Mommy, Don hates the latest campaign, Don fucks the cleaning lady and then destroys her with his icy hungover demeanor blah blah blah………….
There’s even been a few location shots out to California to shake things up. It’s mainly to get Don out of his tie and show him driving around L.A. in a convertible, but it’s quite charming, really.

Apparently, back then all of Los Angeles looked like modern-day Signal Hill, and the Manson family was innocently spreading syphilis amongst themselves at Spahn Ranch…good times!

But it’s back to the office that we all wanna get to, mainly just to watch Joan walk around the office and flutter those eyelashes—Ha cha cha!

This is a role that must’ve been written by the boys around the conference table, each recalling their nights dry humping the living room floor while watching Ginger skank around Gilligan’s Island!

And this is all we had before internet porn, you spoiled bastards!

And the styles! Oh baby, if we could only pull off the slim-fit grey suits and fedoras we’d be happy bubs!

— –oh sure, we like to play dress up now and then too, but we can’t quite pull off that ironic, hey, we may be careless punkers but we’re still wearing a tie look.

No, we tie the Windsor knots only to end up looking less like Billie Joe and more like insurance salesmen or Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Men of action, ready to take stage.....
Excuse us Ma'am, may we come in and discuss the good word of the Lord? Hello?!

And with the drinking and womanizing, there is smoking—-oh yes, smoking, smoking, motherfuckin SMOKING!
Christ, the world must’ve smelled like an Indian casino back then, the way these clowns light up whenever they have a tick.

Filling in this Dave Brubeck album cover, ya got all the usual stereotypes of the day:

Kiss ass frat boy Pete Campbell, repressed gay Greek Sal, some guy who looks like a member of Deathcab for Cutie who mopes around the office all day—they’re all here!

...we're headlining Coachella this year....hope I don't cry!

But our favorite here at the CH3 offices has to be wild man Roger Sterling!

Thank you! Finally, someone's havin a good time around here!

Listen, this guy really knows how to swing, and excuse me? was I hallucinating or did I tune in to catch ol Rog in blackface last season??!
Wadda nut!

...and becomes an immediate favorite with the fellas on Main St Huntington!

So what’ve we learned here today, hmm?
That the advertising business is run by a bunch of ruthless alcoholics who will soon become the muttering old men at the end of the bar? Shocking!

Listen, I know it’s only a TV show, but by God, wouldn’t it be great?
I mean, to have a gig where you start drinking at mid day, and hang the around the office with a bunch of other immature men-children.
Your only responsibility between a three martini lunch and Happy Hour to write a bunch of meaningless crap………oh. Right.

Never mind.

*Watch Mad Men on the AMC television network, Sundays 8pm PST

3 thoughts on “The CH3 Eye on TV: Mad Men

  1. LOL. Great recap of Mad Men. Glad you mentioned the lifeless, stale potato chip that is Betty. God, kill her and kill Carl. Sorry, Walking Dead snuck in.


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