Catching up with CH3….

And we’re back!

Hey kids.

We’ve been getting a lot of concerned telefaxes over here at the ol CH3 command center— apparently a lot of you have been worried about the lack of activity here in the punkblog web-o-sphere.

Sheesh! Not getting enough free content to read on your Iphones while yer sitting on the toilet at work? Hmmm?
Yeh, we see you, ya bastards!

In fact, authorities showed up at the venerable Channel Tres Clubhouse out in the rugged Hills of Chino, acting on concerned queries.
They were fully prepared to find a ghastly scene……rotting corpses, crazed kittens drunk on human flesh.
Pyramids of Coors Light cans:

...mmmhmmm, yes but those are light beers, got me? Light!

What the fuck? Leave us alone, we always sleep like this!

No, no….nothing so drastic.

The crew just needed a little time off to recharge the batteries after a hectic Summer finally waned.
It’s healthy, ya know, to take a little time for yourself.

Charity work with the strays, knitting circles by the sea….these are the type of things that keep a band sane and hungry for more.

What? We’re not allowed to take a little time off over here?
Oh, you people take and take, and when there’s nothing left…you take a little more!!!

That’s right–drink up little monkeys, and now dance! Dance for us, and dance pretty!!

Mr. Magrann? Gardener? They're waiting on you for soundcheck please...

So let’s catch up with the fellas and see what they’ve been up to, and what’s in store!!

Besides these swanky new blog digs, the fellas have been hard at work in the studio…..

Alright, break's over! These hits ain't gonna write themselves ya know!

What say? New songs?
Gee, and we were just getting used to playing Manzanar for the tweleve thousandth fucking time!!!

Shut up you babies, it’s not like we’d ever have the audacity to play anything new live, right?
What with the California smoking laws these days, playing new material only insures there will be a dangerously illegal capacity on the smoking patio at Alex’s!

Hey! you guys can come back in--they're done playing that new slow shit!

Look for your ol pals on the upcoming Christmas Compilation on Blackhole Records.
Should be just the thing to liven up this year’s company holiday party!

Also, a little road work coming up:

Just babies, I tells ya!

Back to AZ!
No no, this is just the artist's interpretation of the Globalization Economy further exploiting the proletariat of the Third World working.....ah fuck it, yer right. It's some guy gettin shot in the head!

But more important than all that, the big news at CH3 base camp is that Walt’s Wharf has jumped into this nutty flatbread craze with a solidly respectable salmon/artichoke entry:

It's good. But then again, drizzle some creme fraiche and dill on a soiled Doc Martin and we'd eat that too!

But I know what yer saying…..what have the fellas been doing these past couple months?!
Oh, I know. We disappear from the media’s relentless glare for a few weeks and you people always jump to the same conclusions: rehab and cosmetic surgery!!

Well, I’ll have you know we used our sabbatical for much more ambitious pursuits!

Kimm, he spent the Autumn break on the Great White Way, developing a new Broadway Musical with toast of the town BJ Armstrong!
We’re all excited for opening night!

Working Title: Boulevard of Broken Dreams...or, Let's See How Much Crap the Kids Will Put Up With Til Our Credibility is Gone Forever!

We were all grateful, of course, to have Anthony and Alf back safely from Chile.

You Boys don’t scare us again like that!!

.....the boys kept spirits high with their tales of cutting in line for lunch at the Warped Tour!

And yer ol pal Magrann?
Well, let’s just say I went for a more spiritual diversion!

Uh oh....

Although my ordination as a legal minister was originally to perform a single Wedding Ceremony:

Alrighty then! Stomp on the glass, light the incense, whatever.....I'll be at the bar if ya need me!

We soon realized the Tax benefits if we merged the band with an established Religion!
I mean, think of it!

How far removed is a band from its own little cult anyway, what with the Facebook and the T shirts….the ritualistic drinking of the wine and the sacrifices, hmm?

So join the Church of CH3 today, won’t ya?
What’s the worst that could happen?!

We're going on a very special journey tonight!

Stay Tuned for the Holiday stretch with your pals @ CH3!

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