The CH3 Year in Review 2011

Last gig of the year, the Ball Ball @ The Airliner, December 22

Well sir, let’s look at the ‘ol calendar, shall we?

Uh huh…..It’s well into our first week of January:

*It’s currently 85 degrees outside.
*The Clippers are off to a good start.
*Rick Santorum only missed winning the Iowa Caucus by a cunt hair.

Wheeee! Hold me, Mother, because I’m in bizarro world again!!

....go ahead and google Santorum why don't ya? I'll wait......

Yeah, yeah, I know about 2012…it’s the year we’re all gonna ride this big fiery ball into oblivion, is that it?
Because some pinche Mayan calendar maker, all hopped up on coca leaves and fermented beet juice passes out mid job, the world is supposed to end?

...yeah, but according to this, we were gonna have flying cars by 1978 too!

Listen, I got news for you, it already did end!
Yeah, that funny little Rapture that was predicted for Oct 21 by the religious nutjob?

It actually happened!

Problem was, Jesus couldn’t find a single person worth taking back up yonder with him.
No, I’m pretty sure the world has already ended, and we’ve just been too busy posting funny cat videos on Facebook and ripping off movies from the Internet to notice.

How else do you explain the wild popularity of Katy Perry and the continued existence of Fashion Island?

Anywhoo, it must be that time of year for the CH3 recap, so let’s get started people!

...each one of these entries represents a night of confusion and excess, a morning after hungover with despair. You're Welcome!

Looking at the show roster, we see here that the mighty Chingón Tres played an ungodly 26 shows in 2011.

Unfortunately, most of the shows looked like this:

The view from behind the microphone. Still want to be in a traveling band kid?

That was a quick pic of the year kick-off, a weekender up to the mid coast region.

Heh…. that was before they opened the doors.

Swear to God.

And yes, we still maintain an actual, honest to God html website damn you!
Oh, I know that you young hipsters do all of your communications and networking through your precious Fbook these days, and can’t be bothered actually seeking out when your fifth favorite local punk band of all time is going to play next!

Oh, but just wait until Facebook is bought by Rupert Murdoch and they start charging 3.99 per month!
Then who’s gonna come crawling back, huh? huh?

Speaking of interwebby thingies, this blog you hold in your trembling paws at the moment— let’s look at those stats while we’re at it, hmmm?

We had over 18,000 visitors to the blog this year, and again–not one of you cheap bastards could be bothered with clicking through and buying a T shirt!

Oh, that’s alright, we’ve been steadily recording your IP addresses and feeding them to the Russian syndicate for some time now, using your bandwidth to spread virus and beastiality porn at will–so go ahead, keep reading, tightwad!!

There were a few series that garnered a lot of hits this year, like the in depth look at Rodney Bingenheimer, our beloved LA radio Icon.

But for the most part, most of you were only interested in embarassing photos of drunken hilarity that spilled out of posts such as the racy expose’ on the Pouzza Fest…..

C’est la vie!

A few travel snapshots for the kids back home:

Alfie waves g'bye to LBC. Did I fuckin' tell you?
.....studying at the feet of the Master!
Reggie's, Chicago
Punk Rock Bowling 2011, Las Vegas
The usual hijinks, San Francisco
Rips Cocktails, Phoenix
Rhino Records Pop Up, Westwood, CA
..the limo arrives! Pouzzafest, Montreal
The Charleston, Bremerton WA
Come on now, it looks like a good crowd from this shot, eh?! Atascadero CA
Boarding the ferry, Seattle

And god help us if we forget the food porn!
Yeh yeh, there were a few snacks in 2011:

Poutine #3, but who's counting?!

The ghosts of a Saturday night


Ah, but a year winds down, as it always does, and thoughts turn to messy office parties and tacky decorations.
The holidays came and went, but not without a few final thoughts for the year……

If I never have to see that goddamned Santa Suit again, it will be too soon brother!

Sheesh, give a guy a red suit and suddenly we create a egomaniacal monster!

Oh yeah, this will be a real treat for the children walking by!

But thankfully the suit was torn to shreds at the final gig of the year, the Ball Ball at the Airliner in LA.

And now, things back to normal, lights taken down and the tree shredded to pulp, we can only look ahead.

With a weary sigh, we untangle the guitar cords and start to fill in the calendar for yet another year in the trenches.
Will the knees take another 365 out there?
Will the hairline cooperate and hang in there just one more time?

But-truly-ya know what?
We got nothing better to do.

Happy New Year!

....mere moments before Santa brought his sack out onstage!
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2 thoughts on “The CH3 Year in Review 2011

  1. Hey do you have any of that “jOHN HOLMES” Dog left by chance??? that looked delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was that when you guys did a gig at Farmer John in Vernon? Sorry I missed that show, I wish all of you the best in 2012- You know this is the last year of our existence, so what do you have planned for 2013??

    Best regards,
    Jeff “zOmBiEsUrFeR” Lansford


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