Photoblog: TKO Record Release Party

…oh dear, what a rude logo!

We warned ya, didn’t we?– that you’d be soon sick of our shameless self promoting and grandstand pandering!

As you read this, the new release is finally available on the Hostage Records website, the radio shows have been called in.
Facebook is properly bombarded with breathless updates every 3 minutes, cheesy videos are hastily thrown together and slapped on the web….

The supermarkets have been christened properly, large novelty scissors in hand as we drop yet another satin ribbon to the the ground, soon to be trampled under the wobbly wheels of the herd of new shoppers.

Our work here is done!

Shame? There is none.
We stand at the ready for any opportunity to sell just that much more of our dignity, like Bob Denver hovering by the kitchen phone just prior to boat show season.

Kimm signs one for the sick kids…the sick kids on Ebay!

Hey, it’s not like we do this every year, so indulge us for being a little obnoxious, will ya?

So when the release weekend coincided with mighty TKO Fifth Year Anniversary weekend, we jumped at the chance to congratulate Mark and company by crashing his party and eating all the goddamn pizza!

After a grueling week of actually practicing and figuring out how to play these bizarre (and by bizarre, meaning less than 30 years old!) compositions, we descend upon the unwitting Brookhurst Ave strip mall and roll out the banjos!

..oh look, Andrew WK made it after all!

We set up under the fluorescent lights, amongst the import bargain bins and Poison Idea codpieces: Downbeat!

…obviously posed shot of the fellas getting down!
..Eugene fills in for Maria!

The crowd is in a strange mood, and several times we have to stop mid song and wake them up!

Putting ’em to sleep!

….I’m telling ya, this crowd was wacky!
Jim Kaa auditions for background vocals

And then it’s back behind the counter to shill yet again.
Copies are signed whether they want it or not.
Hands are shook, babies kissed.

We load out sweaty and tired at night’s end,
but it’s all empty pizza boxes and dried out Sharpies now.

And it feels good, to have something new in hand, and we’re getting back in the swing of this promotion thing.

So we take another stack of records, and unable to let a sale get away, we stand at the freeway off ramp:

Offering bags of oranges and 7″ vinyl cookies, we’re selling way more than just songs.

…just buy one and I swear we’ll shut up and leave!

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