The adolescents at the grown ups table….


It’s a winding drive down to the Bavarian region, stopping only to top off our fuel tank with diesel and bellies with sausage, as it had been a dangerous 8 hours since last we ate the tubular essential!

We pull into Würzburg during a refreshing Summer shower, and we immediately jump out of the Sprinter and let Mother Nature rinse the sticky grime from our skin.

They tell us Germany has been a balmy 38 Celsius the last couple days, which we calculate with humidity levels to be, what? 145 Fahrenheit?

Don’t quote me here, you know us and Math……

Then it’s over to that gritty little rascal of a venue, Immerhim club down the street, a wacky little space down two flights of concrete stairs in what looks like a Eastern Bloc train station.

And then it’s a pleasure to run into happy faces from home!!

We pass off urgent care item to the weary travelers.
We pass off urgent care item to the weary travelers.

The Adolescents have been out a long time, and in fact Steve tells us he locked his front door sometime back around Memorial Day….you go man!

Adolescents Christmas card shoot.
Adolescents Christmas card shoot.

There is a photo shoot set up post-dinner, and we all go through the poses that have served our portfolios so well through the years:

.....I call this one Blue Steel....
…..I call this one Blue Steel….

We had no show booked for this night just a week ago, and neither did they.
2 days off would be a mere annoyance for us, as we would just tend to drink the day away and then try to break into the local zoo at night.

But The Adolescents are truly road machines now, and they only pace like caged cats in their stuffy hostel rooms without a show to play.

So Tony put out the word across Social media, and we find ourselves on this night playing to a truly great last ninute crowd, selling a load of merch and then getting to stand back and watch dear old chums rip up the joint!



Inevitably, we end up chatting, Steve and Tony, me and Kimm, of the days and years that have passed between us.
We’ve known these guys a long time, since we stood in wonder at them at the Starwood back in ’80, to the days when we could unbelievably share the stage with them.

And yeah, we’ve all put on a year or two.
We know how it goes: that the morning conversation between us punker AARP types the night after gigs is no longer, hey man, did you get laid? but, did you take your pills?


A combined bicentennial right there!
A combined bicentennial right there!

Our generous hosts bid us to try the local wines and craft brews.

We learn of the local hills and the climbing vineyards, and taste brisk wines that dance on palate.
They bring out serious looking bottles, and we taste the smoky flavors thanks to the toated hops.

Alf declares he will move here..tonight!



Alf finds the new family crest.
Alf finds the new family crest.

the Adolescents crew packs it in and heads to hotel, but we are not done with the night just yet!


So it’s up to us to cavort with the locals at the local dive, a lot of really great people in this town-

We’re gpnna feel this one tomorrow, brother!


First and second tallest men in Wurzburg
First and second tallest men in Wurzburg


And we call it a night once again.
A happy thing: to see pals from home so far away from home.

The End, as it were.   Good Night!
The End, as it were.
Good Night!

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