Of Scratches and Needles PtII

So now we’re armed with the lyrics and got together to run through the track a few times. I’m knocked out by the line, “And you ask yourself, why can’t I be…..Like the person who has always influenced me?” Fuckin beautiful!

Scratches and Needles
You Display your Scratches, you display your Needles aloud
Just to get the attention from the present crowd
Because you need the attention, it makes you feel supreme
You’d better snap out of it and stop your fuckin’ scheme
Right now

When the Scratches are pain and the needle don’t reach your vein
You begin to question the actions you’ve taken
Then you ask yourself, Why can’t I be
Like the person who has always influenced me?
I Scratch my arms, I’ll poison my blood
Just to get the attention of everyone
I won’t show tears, I won’t show pain
No matter how it hurts
I’ll disguise the Pain
When I’m alone I’ll show the tears
Because the Scratches on my arm are causing Pain
Scratches and Needles tonight…

We had to search for our angle with this track, and I felt the Nils track had a real or imagined sadness to it. We’d be best to pump up the anger, give it a little more spit and piss at the situation, yeah?

Studio day is always fun in my book. We get to make Alf get up early and go set up, followed by 3 hours of him hitting the snare drum to get the sound. Meanwhile, we go and search out the best in suiza enchiladas in the area. Luckily, on this brisk December afternoon, our old producer and partner in crime Jay Lansford was in town, a lil record business judging by his expense-account style accomodations in Bev Hills. We met Jay at Michoacan Carnitas on the Westside and caught up on our lives.

Wonder how the hi hat levels are going?  Oh miss-- Another round...?
Wonder how the hi hat levels are going? Oh miss-- Another round...?

A pleasant hour and a half ride to get across town got us over to Laundry Room Studios, our current favorite hang to lay down the hot tracks. We’ve been working with Uly for a few years now, ever since the traumatic and cleansing One More,,,, Movie, and just dig the vibe over there.

..this one's volume, this one's tone.  The rest?  Not hooked up anyway!!
..this one's volume, this one's tone. The rest? Not hooked up anyway!!

In the past, we would get together for a grueling day of laying down a string of basic tracks, 12 hours straight of trying to get the drum and bass down only to go back over each track ad nauseum for a couple weeks with the dubs. Fuck that, brother! Nowdays, it’s one song per setup, get the drums done and send Alfie down to the store for more Makers and place the bets with the bookie. Then a leisurely guitar session, bark out a few vocals, and kickin it at Jumbo’s by last call.

The track came together smooth, and how’s this for a bonus—saw a goddamn coyote as we were leaving the studio!

ummmm, has anybody seen Tabby lately?
ummmm, has anybody seen Tabby lately?

Do you see? It truly doesn’t take much to excite us any more…. One day we’ll get to ride in the Goodyear Blimp and have a fuckin coronary.

One thought on “Of Scratches and Needles PtII

  1. Scratches & Needles by the Nils has always been one of my favourite songs ever since hearing it on the BYO comp 26 years ago. Another awesome song I heard that very same day on that very same comp was CH 3 – Indian Summer. Seems very fitting that you guys would go cover the Nils track and unleash it on a whole new generation of Punkers out there.

    I never got the chance to see the Nils as I am in Scotland and now of course I never will but I am happy to say that I’ve been lucky to see CH 3 play the last couple of times you’ve played the UK. Music means almost everything to me and it’s always great to hear it played so well. All the best guys and to whoever else is reading this. Jim.


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