The 100th Episode!

Well, well—The ol’ blog-o-meter clicks over to post #100 today, eh?

The goddamn Century Entry (huh? huh?) , if you will.

As I look back on these webpages of text and photos, one thing becomes instantly apparent:
Anthony and I desperately need some new t shirts!

Sheesh! Don't these guys ever leave anything out on the curb for Goodwill??

It’s been swell, really, to have this forum to jot down some thoughts and memories.
After all, it surely won’t be long before the Alzheimer’s and Syphillis catches up to us, and these fleeting images will be stripped from Amygdala and Hippocampus alike.

But there we’ll be, pawing at drool covered Ipads in the Punk Rock Retirement Center, able to relive those glory days with the palsied swipe of a jaundiced fingertip!

Oh, we have history all right.
Let’s look back on the earliest CH3 blog entry on record, recently discovered in a cave deep in the Borneo Rainforest: roughly translates: Fireball in sky come not so often. Large animal need to hunt.
Also, promoter was a dick, shorted us on drink tickets, but found a fairly decent chicken fried steak next door to the club!

We soon discovered what an invaluable tool a blog could be for promotion and information!
With technological advances, we were able to bring our devoted readers up to date with timely previews of tour dates and gig reviews……

Huzzah! Won't you join us on the evening of the morrow for a night of original song and jovial proceedings. The two-penny cover charge also entitles you to a sarsaparilla beverage. Please do not accost us for guest list, you unkempt heathens!

Of course, we were archiving our adventures long before this inter-web thingy took to the ether.
Have a gander at the original CH3 tour diary:

Ah, smell the memories......

Although it looks like any regular semen-encrusted notepad you might find tucked under an adolescent boy’s pillow, within these crumbling pages a thousand nights of punk heroics comes to life!

See now, this is what a page used to look like---and no, don't try to flip it on a!

A lifetime together, you tend to collect.

Flyers and photos, a guitar pick from Rick Neilsen….Jay’s thinning scissors.
Guitar cord stolen from Youth Brigade, a photo of Danzig driving the blue and white van, seat all the way up.

The digital revolution saw all of these tangible things—words, music, photos–sent through a Seussian hopper, only to emerge as a blinking series of 1’s and 0’s.

Gone were the days of cutting and pasting—with actual scissors and glue, goddamnit!–a flyer for the show in 2 weeks.
Making telephone calls to book tour dates, staying out after the streetlights flickered to life.

Now we create an event on Facebook, invite a thousand people we’ve never met with the press of a keystroke-cntrl-I, and then blog about how shitty the soundman was 36 hours later.

...ok, now how do you bring up Facebook on this fuckin thing again?

But we’ve come to embrace these technologies, and the exciting opportunities on the horizon!

Of course, just as with any poorly written sitcom, once you hit the hundredth episode,
it’s ka-ching baby!
I’m talking syndicated reruns of course!

We’ve already signed a lucrative deal to start 5pm reruns on Facebook and Ask Jeeves, as well as a Japanese version of the blog to be produced immediately!

...oh brother! Another post about fried food and nobody showing up for the gig. These round eyes are like a broken record, neh?

And with the animation market red hot these days, plans are already in motion for the new CH3 blog animated series!
As we speak, 3 dozen South Korean animators are busily preparing the cels for the upcoming 20 minute web series.

Here’s a little sneak peek at an upcoming episode:

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